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Here is a christian resource website I have packaged with the hope that it would offer challenge, inspiration and help for individuals who would determine to take everyday Christian life out of the bed covers; who would demonstrate their faith more in their daily activities and get more involved in God’s agenda for the church.

On this blog – The Being Christian Blog, I also look forward to sharing information including: news on world evangelism, Christian persecution, etc. and creating a platform facilitating edifying contact and interaction for Christian internet users.

Other features to look out for:

  • Bible studies on various subjects pertaining to Faith, Christian walk and ministry
  • Inspirational Devotional articles
  • Inspiring interviews and commentary
  • References to and reviews of other useful Christian materials online
  • Personal notes in a lighter mood; poetry;

This is my humble contribution to the daily expanding christian resource on the world wide web.

Please try not to leave without leaving a comment on a post so I can know you stopped by. If you desire to publish an article here, please send an email to teeakindele@yahoo.com.

God bless you.