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World News Bits: Evangelical Drug Cartel, Sex Trafficking, HIV/AIDS Stats…

Drug Cartel, La Familia, claims to be devout Evangelical Christians La Familia is a mafia group, that lays claims to being followers of Jesus. Their notoriety as one of Mexico’s most violent gangs began in 2006, but according to time.com (http://bit.ly/4oM5D8, June 19, 2009), the effort to forge their own religious sect is more recent [...]

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It Takes More Than Just Churches By Justin Long

I found this article by Justin Long, in the June 2006 edition of Lausanne World Pulse, and decided to share an abridged version. Share this post on:

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Jos Crisis: July 2010 Updates

Flashes of violence resurfaced again in and around Jos, Plateau State, in the month of July, just when we were beginning to hope that the troubled waters were eventually getting still. One sad Saturday, the 17th of July it was reported in the news, how some religious extremists attacked Mazah, a predominantly Christian village in [...]

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Mission quotes

“Reaching the unreached is a challenging task, but our primary problem is not the cultural, economic, logistical or political barriers we face. It is more simple: we lack sufficient manpower.” – Justin Long, “Where are We Going?” in Momentum Magazine, July/ August, 2006 Share this post on:

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A fresh lease on life – personal experience

“We are approaching the toll gate now, I think.” I said to the lady at the other end of the line. “Ok no probs, we are expecting you.” ‘Motara replied twice. She is the groom’s younger sister, she invited us. Ifemakin sat behind His steering wheel, looking strangely vigilant. Share this post on:

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Redefining scope for evangelistic missions

It is now imperative that we the Church, take certain factors into consideration as we seek a more efficient contextualization of our scope for the mandate to be witnesses “… in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth“. When we address “going into all the world” [...]

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A Global-Scope for Christians

I remember reading an article as a teenager years ago, from an old magazine (actually published by Billy Graham in the ’80s) I found at home then. I don’t quite remember most of the content but I remember the title was something about: “Becoming a world Christian”. I have a suspicion that something was imparted [...]

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Poetry: Perilous Times

Time is corrupting the days And the days are fulfilling the times Rebellion is climaxing frightfully To the explosion of damnation. © 2002, Tee Akindele Share this post on:

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