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Still around…

It’s been an age since I last put up a post here and I really miss this blog… I absolutely do! Unfortunately, I’ve had the challenge of having to manage several things at a time and I’ve just been pressed for time. My blogs generally (not just the Being Christian blog) have suffered different levels [...]

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ICC aids survivors in Jos as they begin again

More than 500 Christians, mainly women and children were killed in religious riots in villages near Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria earlier this year as I mentioned in an older article. Despite the fact that their homes and churches were demolished and their fields burned, the survivors chose to remain in their villages. Living in makeshift [...]

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London council dismisses Christian for mentioning God in the workplace

Amachree was dismissed from his office as a homelessness prevention officer with Wandsworth Council in the UK,  where he had worked for 18 years prior to his dismissal in January 2009, on the grounds of gross misconduct for suggesting to a client suffering from a terminal illness, that she should not give up hope but [...]

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The imperative of breaking new grounds

Strategizing to take the good news about Christ and his salvation to places where it has never been heard, the most unreached places and peoples of the world, should be a crucial guiding factor in all missionary activity. Even the Apostle, Paul, said that he would rather preach Christ where He hasn’t been named at [...]

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World News Bits: Internet Churches

The concept of Internet churches may be new or unheard of by many believers, I came across it for the first time in a poll by christianet.com. The online opinion poll in which about 600 Christians participated, asked: Are Internet Churches Biblical? The following is an excerpt from the report. Share this post on:

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World News Bits: Evangelical Drug Cartel, Sex Trafficking, HIV/AIDS Stats…

Drug Cartel, La Familia, claims to be devout Evangelical Christians La Familia is a mafia group, that lays claims to being followers of Jesus. Their notoriety as one of Mexico’s most violent gangs began in 2006, but according to time.com (http://bit.ly/4oM5D8, June 19, 2009), the effort to forge their own religious sect is more recent [...]

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It Takes More Than Just Churches By Justin Long

I found this article by Justin Long, in the June 2006 edition of Lausanne World Pulse, and decided to share an abridged version. Share this post on:

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Jos Crisis: July 2010 Updates

Flashes of violence resurfaced again in and around Jos, Plateau State, in the month of July, just when we were beginning to hope that the troubled waters were eventually getting still. One sad Saturday, the 17th of July it was reported in the news, how some religious extremists attacked Mazah, a predominantly Christian village in [...]

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