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Poetry: The gospel truth

I’m the rugged and hard worn gospel truth; The aged, weather beaten, sun-washed road sign Share this post on:

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Poetry: Turn on The Light

I could live on like this or I may not And about whether I die, care not Existence is so not my problem – It’s of a different kind; I wish neither to be normal Nor even to be special, What I seek is a valid solution To the question: ‘who am I?’ Share this [...]

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Poetry: Faith in a Friend

Indeed I have a friend Who remains true to the end Loving Him sparks a flame in my spirit He is not weak like I am Yet feels my every pain Praising Him turns the light on in my soul. Share this post on:

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A fresh lease on life – personal experience

“We are approaching the toll gate now, I think.” I said to the lady at the other end of the line. “Ok no probs, we are expecting you.” ‘Motara replied twice. She is the groom’s younger sister, she invited us. Ifemakin sat behind His steering wheel, looking strangely vigilant. Share this post on:

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Well you probably noticed already, The Everyday Christian blog has been split into two individual blogs like I told you to anticipate. Now I have the Being Christian blog which is actually no different from the original Everyday Christian blog, save for the name change, and which inherits this subdomain. The other new weblog is [...]

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Poetry: Perilous Times

Time is corrupting the days And the days are fulfilling the times Rebellion is climaxing frightfully To the explosion of damnation. © 2002, Tee Akindele Share this post on:

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Poetry: Riding the storm

I would never have taken that first step When he called: “I am the Lord, come out to me” But then my little boat was against the storm no help It would eventually have given me up to the depths of the sea. And so like a man with neither hope nor anything else to [...]

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July 2010!

Happy new month! this month makes it about a year and half since I started this blog. Phew! Thank God for his sustenance through the first half of the year. God has been quite good to me on every side. Looking back at most of the goals I set for myself this year. I can [...]

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