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Archive for the ‘poetry’ Category

Poetry: Home-sick for Heaven

A pilgrim in an alien world Constantly seeking intervention from my Lord By nothing consoled in this raided place Like the small picture of home that lingers before my face. Share this post on:

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Poetry: God-Friend

I have friends who love me, In this wise, I accord most of them merit. In thick and thin, some ‘ve been there really Yet it’s only within a human limit. When I’m needy they often offer help – At least they show sympathy when unable. They also have their own problems and handicap; Like [...]

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Poetry: My Comforter

Self is frail; alone, the way is grim who best can support me? Journeying thru this world a pilgrim No help like Jesus can ever be! When I bow my knees in prayer He bows from heaven to hear my plea; in every desperation hour The rock of ages shelters me. Share this post on:

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Poetry: The Savior’s Love

When we were swallowed in sin and swollen in pride The saviour loved us; When the gulf between us and him grew ever so wide His heart reached out to us. Share this post on:

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Poetry: Small World

Now and then a stranger or event
rings a familiar bell
and I’m caught wondering
how it’s a small world really [...]

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Poetry: Hill of Power

[...]In His holy hill
My knees on supplicatory ground
Spending time with the crown of all majesty and splendor.
Pouring out my heart as He fills up my spirit [...]

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Poetry: The Prostitute

Once again from my window
Down across the street she roams [...]

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Poetry: Sleep Trouble

Brooding over shadows in the gloom Of things that passed away with yesterday Or groping in the dark to handle things that Can’t yet be seen in the light of present reality, Is like coping with a ghost housemate – You know nothing could drive as close to madness. Don’t get stuck with Yesterday over [...]

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