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This post was written by Tee Akindele on April 11, 2010
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News Watch: UK | Christian registrar demoted after she refused to preside over gay ‘marriages’

Photo:  Theresa Davies who was demoted to resceptionist.

Miss Theresa Davies

Theresa Davies said she was forced to move from her £26,000 a year job at Islington Council because of her deeply-held religious objections to same-sex civil partnerships, which were introduced in 2005. Miss Davies, age 58, is the second registrar at the North London council to leave the post. Last year her colleague Lillian Ladele, age 48, refused to carry out any “sinful” gay weddings and proceeded to take the council to court for alleged discrimination on the grounds of her religious beliefs.

However an Employment Appeal Tribunal ruled in December that the council had acted lawfully in expecting all its registration staff to perform the ceremonies, a decision she seeks to challenge in the Court of Appeal. Miss Davies, who has worked for the council for 18 years, said: “Doctors can opt out of performing abortions on conscience grounds so why can’t I opt out of civil partnerships?”

Miss Davies was told that she would have to be demoted to an entry-level job on reception or she risked facing dismissal. “I was very disappointed, very saddened and angry. It was humiliating to be back on reception, where I had started,” she said.

Miss Davies, with the support of the Christian Legal Centre, is now launching a grievance procedure against the council, claiming she has been the victim of discrimination on the grounds of her religious beliefs. She said: “Britain is supposed to be a nation that respects freedom of conscience. But my conscience is not being respected. If Islington Council believes in dignity for all, why can’t my beliefs be accommodated and why is my dignity not being respected?

Sources: Telegraph

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