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This post was written by Tee Akindele on April 28, 2010
Posted Under: Devotional

How unquestionable is God?

The Yoruba word, Kabiyesi, is one of the Local names used to address God in most of western Nigeria. The word literally means “The one we cannot question” and refers to the right and quality of a king, such that he cannot be wrong and his judgments or actions cannot be questioned because of His greatness. Yoruba kings or Oba as they are called were revered like gods and believed to be infallible. They were the highest authority in the land, everybody was accountable to them but they were not accountable to anybody,  There was no organised system of law those days, just traditions, so whatever the king said was law.

We require an absolute. If we don’t find one, we make one or fake one

A strange idea coming from our background of mythological reasoning has infused into our worship and appreciation of God. As a result, our worship deeply reflects this thinking that God is too superior to be accountable. It also affects our interpretation of certain aspects of the bible and our faith life. Up to a point were people believe that whatever happens in life (particularly bad stuff) cannot be questioned because it is by God’s hand. The assumptions made in some of this contexts, barely fall short of indicting God with being unfaithful and irresponsible, only to excuse Him by concluding, “who are we to question the Almighty God“.

I see in this a subtle, yet, big misconception. God’s character is a far cry from the the tyrannical leadership of the earthly kabiyesis. We are erroneously comparing God to human kings who were not as smart, honest, generous or powerful as their followers wished they were. Like every human, they made mistakes often, passed wrong judgments from time to time, and were easily overcome by their own greed. The myth of the Infallibility of royalty was a necessary psychological tactic, amidst of other tyrannic concoctions, to hide their shortcomings and keep people under control.  It gave them a place to hide from questions they could not answer. It also provided for the people, unreal as it was, a vital imaginary absolute to believe in. In deed, all that these kings had more than their followers was the superiority of status, the Kingship. But you see God doesn’t use all that drama and theatrics at all.

I’m yet to find a place in scripture where it is said that God is unquestionable simply because He is superior in status. That would just out-rightly contradict his other attributes of love, grace and mercy. God is highly, loftily superior to man, but other than that, it is His literal lack of capacity to lie, to make a mistake, to cheat, to be unfaithful, to be unaware, to be deceived; His moral perfection and uprightness, that is His unquestionable quality. In essence, God is unquestionable, if I may say, because of His excellent character and faithfulness, not merely because of His excellent status.

God is accountable and responsible

God has earned His place as the unquestionable king, by being true to His word for thousands of generations. God does not terrorize us to silence, He wins our confidence with a faithful love and care. God is accountable to His word. He would never act contrary to it. You now see why He is so different from our earthly kings, because, He honors His word more than His name.

God is not a tyrant. He is a responsible and compassionate teacher and leader. He expects us to ask questions, that’s why He has given us His word and the Holy Spirit. God expects us to query our circumstances, our lives, our fears and our doubts with His word. You don’t have to fall for the devil’s deception anymore, to think: “there is no use asking God, He is unquestionable!”. No, God has given ample responsible answers in His word, and guides us by His spirit. Halleluyah!

So when next you sing “Kabiyesi, you are the Lord!”, sing with this understanding. The one who answers by a record of faithfulness and has never been faulted, whose reputation has never been questionable is our Kabiyesi.


Reader Comments

Praise the Lord! This is an excellent post!

How true it is that God’s faithfulness, found in the treasure of His Word, has proved constant and true then and now.

I pray we rest in the truth that God is and was and always will be our almighty, loving, and faithful Creator, Savior and our very best friend.

May He continue to bless this amazing ministry, brother!

In His love and by His grace,
your sis in Christ,

Written By Xochi Dixon on November 22nd, 2010 @ 9:30 AM

Thank you for our Divine connection.

Written By Justice Noble on February 2nd, 2011 @ 3:24 AM

what I know God is unquestionable.

Written By Clement Adedayo on September 14th, 2013 @ 8:09 AM

You really gave correct meaning to the topic unqestionable God . May God bless your ministry .

Written By pastor mrs Mojisola Ayo on March 29th, 2014 @ 5:34 PM

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