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This post was written by Tee Akindele on September 9, 2010
Posted Under: ministry,News

ICC aids survivors in Jos as they begin again

More than 500 Christians, mainly women and children were killed in religious riots in villages near Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria earlier this year as I mentioned in an older article. Despite the fact that their homes and churches were demolished and their fields burned, the survivors chose to remain in their villages. Living in makeshift homes, they continued to worship the Lord in half-burned churches. International Christian Concern(ICC) was one of the organizations that charitably came to the aid of these victims, responding quickly to their need by supplying 65 Christian families each with 110 lbs. of fertilizer to help restore their crops (they had been given seed already). They also provided clothes, books, toys and toiletries to more than 215 children in the village. The Christians are living under constant fear and still grieve over the loss of their loved ones, but they are thankful that they were not completely slaughtered. Some families were. Their corporate cry is this: “May God take up our case and do justice!” “We hear their cry and are committed to help these devastated people rebuild their lives. Our efforts have already helped, but so much more is needed. Our economy may be sluggish, but we have never experienced anything like the price these people have paid for believing in Christ. They need your help, and I’m asking you to be generous on their behalf.” Wrote Jeff King, President ICC, in a letter of appeal for support and funding, broadcasted last week by email. If you want to know how you can help, please contact ICC through their website: www.persecution.org.

I’d equally enjoin all my readers not to relent in remembering them in prayers. Pray for the numerous orphaned and homeless children; for the total healing of many who remain heartbroken; and for spiritual strength so that their faith in Jesus, keeps soaring higher and higher. Let’s remember to pray also against further religious unrest in all the parts of our country. God bless you all.

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