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This post was written by Tee Akindele on March 21, 2010
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Jos Crisis! Religious or Not?

I used to refer to the recurring killings in Jos as a religious crisis, well, not for now. I wonder what qualifies a religious crisis these days? I think we have consistently allowed an evil that raids our nation to get away with a cheap masquerading. We need no longer accept the theory that the issue is religion, lest we stoop to the stupefying imagination that we deal with something above the law; holy wars, divine forces of judgment or angels of death, when we ought to be wiser.

I think this insurgent and criminal attempts at genocide have always been laid too easily to rest in the past, simply because we give the excuse that we are dealing with delicate or volatile issues of religious intolerance. But I hope now that we’d  begin to act more like we know what we are really dealing with: organized crime in a clever disguise.

From  power-hungry big men sponsoring unrest and using the manipulative effects of terror to achieve selfish political or material interests, unto the mercenary cannibals they employ, not exempting those who have a legitimate score to settle and take the law into their hands, hacking babies, defenseless women and children in pieces; whether they call themselves Christians (they certainly are not) or Islamists is not an issue; counting how many churches were burned down as opposed to how many mosques were razed is a mere distraction, we want all the perpetrators to be treated like what they really are: CRIMINALS! VAMPIRES!

If our leaders and security officials cannot uncover the evil syndicate responsible and expose this whole thing up to the very bloody bosses, they have failed us, they have failed the God of Justice and from my understanding of the bible, they cannot casually absolve their heads from the guilt of innocent blood too. We don’t want to tell our surviving children faceless, inconclusive stories of tragedy and murder. But we want to console them with justice. Therefore by God’s grace, this tragedy must be concluded by real-life-justice!

I agree with my brothers and sisters who have offered that what is going on in Jos is a spiritual battle and has to be arrested spiritually with prayers. We are praying to cripple the hands of injustice, and to drive away demons of terror and malice from the city, God will answer and peace will be restored again to Jos and it’s environs. Yet I’ld not mind to say again that this is a war against crime and not against religion, whether you are a Christian Nigerian or a Muslim Nigerian we have a common enemy, whose objectives only thrive in the darkness we provide when we keep fighting each other in the name of God.

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Reader Comments

well written bro,i however believe the evil we have seen in Jos is not a politically motivated one and the only politics in it all is the counter-accusation by politicians,they are all confused and cant give any answer to the problem at hand and Jos is just a part of it,Nigeria is it.
i would prefer to say the violence in Jos is an evil act being perpetrated for no reason. the perpetrators with their sponsors participate for the sheer pleasure they derive from being evil. it’s their way of life and when you shut one avenue they simply rise up from another angle…
the only solution that i know is prayer, only God can restore peace in that state and that would mean peace for Nigeria…

Written By ifemakin on April 9th, 2010 @ 6:35 PM

Thanks so much for contributing Ifemakin. May God have mercy on our nation and establish peace and righteousness in Jos, Plateau again.

Written By Tee Akindele on April 10th, 2010 @ 2:59 PM


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