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This post was written by Tee Akindele on June 21, 2010
Posted Under: poetry

Poetry: Life is a Road

Life is a road;
The only course there is
That varies in length and clearance
According to those who use it.

Life is a road;
Paraded with hawkers of miscellaneous wares;
Every man with a wallet of predestined contents
fares by how he spends from it.

Life is a road;
The only course there is
Were the man with sight may not be surer than the blind,
nor the cripple slower than the two-legged.
But like every other road:
When one blind in mind leads another
They both fall into the ditch.

Life is a road
-A tricky course-
If you keep looking back
It passes you by;
But rush into it, and you
Stumble at everything.

Life is a road
When you freshly get on it
You may mean to have all your eyes meet;
But a long way through, and
Many wonder sagely at its vanity.

© 2001, Tee Akindele

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