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This post was written by Tee Akindele on June 9, 2010
Posted Under: poetry

Poetry: Restore my Soul

Sin lives at my door post… every minute knocking
Offenses arrayed in every day’s wake… temptation lurking
I’ve courted compromise; arrogance, lusts… are familiar neighbors
I shudder ‘n horror as scum and bile my palate savors.

Apparently mere will always will miserably fail
There’s war in my members, I feel so terribly frail
Can I truly be stripped of this self… this my garment?
At passion girded within my very bosom I anxiously lament!

Argh! disharmony is the name of my sickness
My spirit makes claims, my brain spins, my soul is just restless
Alas! recklessness rather than grace makes me bold
I labor so hard to feel… my heart has gone cold.

Oh Lord! rescue me before I wither away
From my lack of peace, I can tell of my heart’s sway
I no longer neglect to pray: Father keep me from temptation;
Hasten to replenish… bring me again to my completion.

A sinner saved by grace… I acknowledge my acceptance
Help me to be willing, obedient, strong… to exercise patience
Take my guilt, my shame, my weakness… take all control
Sweet Holy Spirit, comforter, restore my soul.

©2010, Tee Akindele

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