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Poetry: Turn on The Light

I could live on like this or I may not And about whether I die, care not Existence is so not my problem – It’s of a different kind; I wish neither to be normal Nor even to be special, What I seek is a valid solution To the question: ‘who am I?’ Share this [...]

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Poetry: Faith in a Friend

Indeed I have a friend Who remains true to the end Loving Him sparks a flame in my spirit He is not weak like I am Yet feels my every pain Praising Him turns the light on in my soul. Share this post on:

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Victory over sin

The believer’s primary victory in salvation is victory over sin. The unbeliever may approach Christ with the burden of guilt, sinful, dishonorable habits or lifestyle etc., believing that Christ’s acceptance of him implies that all is forgiven and he is justified to begin a brand new life. Therefore if any man be in Christ, he [...]

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Poetry: Riding the storm

I would never have taken that first step When he called: “I am the Lord, come out to me” But then my little boat was against the storm no help It would eventually have given me up to the depths of the sea. And so like a man with neither hope nor anything else to [...]

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Poetry: Restore my Soul

A song about spiritual healing

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How unquestionable is God?

A strange idea coming from our background of mythological reasoning has infused into our worship and appreciation of God. As a result, our worship deeply reflects this thinking that God is too superior to be accountable. It also affects our interpretation of certain aspects of the bible and our faith life. Up to a point were people believe that whatever happens in life (particularly bad stuff) cannot be questioned because it is by God’s hand. The assumptions made in some of this contexts, barely fall short of indicting God with being unfaithful and irresponsible, only to excuse Him by concluding, “who are we to question the Almighty God”.

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Poetry: God-Friend

I have friends who love me, In this wise, I accord most of them merit. In thick and thin, some ‘ve been there really Yet it’s only within a human limit. When I’m needy they often offer help – At least they show sympathy when unable. They also have their own problems and handicap; Like [...]

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Looking for grace in the story of Ananias and Sapphira

The story poses a question for me about God’s mercy. His grace and His judgment come into a dramatic conflict. Share this post on:

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