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ICC aids survivors in Jos as they begin again

More than 500 Christians, mainly women and children were killed in religious riots in villages near Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria earlier this year as I mentioned in an older article. Despite the fact that their homes and churches were demolished and their fields burned, the survivors chose to remain in their villages. Living in makeshift [...]

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Jos Crisis: July 2010 Updates

Flashes of violence resurfaced again in and around Jos, Plateau State, in the month of July, just when we were beginning to hope that the troubled waters were eventually getting still. One sad Saturday, the 17th of July it was reported in the news, how some religious extremists attacked Mazah, a predominantly Christian village in [...]

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Poetry: Jos Hope

I’d like to dedicate this piece to the bereaved families of the victims in the dis-heartening, recurrent violent crises around Jos, Plateau State. I pray that God will help us do what we should as a people and as a Government to keep these evils far from us, and to restore a lasting song of [...]

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Entering through closed doors

Calamity had just befallen the disciples of Jesus, the master had been taken from them in such a shocking, embarrassing and the most cruel of ways. More so, rumor had it that the people who hanged their master, didn’t mind to have their heads also. They were wanted people, who every other person feared to [...]

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Jos Crisis! Religious or Not?

I used to refer to the recurring killings in Jos as a religious crisis, well, not for now. I wonder what qualifies a religious crisis these days? I think we have consistently allowed an evil that raids our nation to get away with a cheap masquerading. We need no longer accept the theory that the [...]

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More news and relevant facts FYI

Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering, West Africa; The Manga Messiah, Japan; Poverty facts FYI.

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News Updates on the Nov 28-29th religious violence crisis in Jos

Below are some news pieces following the tragic bloody riots that took place in the city of Jos in Plateau State, Nigeria; claiming the lives of several hundreds – including three young people undergoing their one year, mandatory, national youth service program, and the homes and businesses of tens of thousands of Nigerians – mostly [...]

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News Watch: Religious Clash in Jos; Christian Slaughter bounty in Orissa …

Religious Clash in Jos, Plateau Leave over 500 dead, 40 churches and the homes of 25,000 destroyed Jos, city in the middle belt of Nigeria and capital of Plateau State once again exploded in violence between the 28th and 29th of November 2008, resulting in the killings of over 500 people including six pastors, as [...]

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