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Poetry: The gospel truth

I’m the rugged and hard worn gospel truth; The aged, weather beaten, sun-washed road sign Share this post on:

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ICC aids survivors in Jos as they begin again

More than 500 Christians, mainly women and children were killed in religious riots in villages near Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria earlier this year as I mentioned in an older article. Despite the fact that their homes and churches were demolished and their fields burned, the survivors chose to remain in their villages. Living in makeshift [...]

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The imperative of breaking new grounds

Strategizing to take the good news about Christ and his salvation to places where it has never been heard, the most unreached places and peoples of the world, should be a crucial guiding factor in all missionary activity. Even the Apostle, Paul, said that he would rather preach Christ where He hasn’t been named at [...]

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World News Bits: Internet Churches

The concept of Internet churches may be new or unheard of by many believers, I came across it for the first time in a poll by christianet.com. The online opinion poll in which about 600 Christians participated, asked: Are Internet Churches Biblical? The following is an excerpt from the report. Share this post on:

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It Takes More Than Just Churches By Justin Long

I found this article by Justin Long, in the June 2006 edition of Lausanne World Pulse, and decided to share an abridged version. Share this post on:

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Redefining scope for evangelistic missions

It is now imperative that we the Church, take certain factors into consideration as we seek a more efficient contextualization of our scope for the mandate to be witnesses “… in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth“. When we address “going into all the world” [...]

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A Global-Scope for Christians

I remember reading an article as a teenager years ago, from an old magazine (actually published by Billy Graham in the ’80s) I found at home then. I don’t quite remember most of the content but I remember the title was something about: “Becoming a world Christian”. I have a suspicion that something was imparted [...]

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A terribly holy and undeniable presence

Does our society actually see our church programs today as more than a social or religious gathering, a place where God actually is present in holiness and power?

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