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Poetry: Turn on The Light

I could live on like this or I may not And about whether I die, care not Existence is so not my problem – It’s of a different kind; I wish neither to be normal Nor even to be special, What I seek is a valid solution To the question: ‘who am I?’ Share this [...]

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Poetry: Hill of Power

[...]In His holy hill
My knees on supplicatory ground
Spending time with the crown of all majesty and splendor.
Pouring out my heart as He fills up my spirit [...]

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The effective Christian’s prayer ministry

By prayer ministry I do not imply a group of people who form a band and have special meetings in which they gather to pray together, that is ok, but in this short article, my focus is on our individual approach to prayer as every Christian’s ministry. Share this post on:

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Poetry: Be not far from me

Self is frail; alone, the way is grim
I need someone who can always support me
Journeying thru this world a pilgrim
No help like Jesus can ever be [...]

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