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Thoughts on wisdom

I may not disagree with the concept of a “school of wisdom” as long as it does not mean where we learn wisdom till we become wise. A man isn’t really instructed into wisdom but rather takes instruction by his level of wisdom. The knowledge of a wise man increases him in wisdom and the [...]

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Personal reflections on grace

Grace, is an overflowing river it cannot be contained and restrained without it being frustrated (i.e. ceasing to be really grace). You can’t receive it without giving it back, because it’s a motivating power. God gave grace to make us free and to make us channels of blessings. The great apostle said … “Ye all [...]

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On emotions

The following represent a few opinionative thoughts of mine about human emotions. Emotions, naturally are by all means innocent. There should not be a need to judge an emotion as justifiable or as bad, rather it is the attitude we adopted or decisions we make despite ourselves and our inner emotions that could be regarded [...]

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