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Poetry: The gospel truth

I’m the rugged and hard worn gospel truth; The aged, weather beaten, sun-washed road sign Share this post on:

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Poetry: Turn on The Light

I could live on like this or I may not And about whether I die, care not Existence is so not my problem – It’s of a different kind; I wish neither to be normal Nor even to be special, What I seek is a valid solution To the question: ‘who am I?’ Share this [...]

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Victory over sin

The believer’s primary victory in salvation is victory over sin. The unbeliever may approach Christ with the burden of guilt, sinful, dishonorable habits or lifestyle etc., believing that Christ’s acceptance of him implies that all is forgiven and he is justified to begin a brand new life. Therefore if any man be in Christ, he [...]

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Poetry: Riding the storm

I would never have taken that first step When he called: “I am the Lord, come out to me” But then my little boat was against the storm no help It would eventually have given me up to the depths of the sea. And so like a man with neither hope nor anything else to [...]

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Poetry: The Savior’s Love

When we were swallowed in sin and swollen in pride The saviour loved us; When the gulf between us and him grew ever so wide His heart reached out to us. Share this post on:

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Freely Given

Why does Paul refer to salvation as a free gift (Rom 5:15-18)? It is because we don’t have to deserve it or earn it, to receive it. In fact, the cost of salvation was far too dear, for any man to be worthy of it. It is neither the reward of faith nor the wages of righteousness, but, the trophy that Christ won on our behalf, paying the price to remit our sin with his own blood on the cross – because he loved us.

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The Eternal Security question

Can we be truly saved and not eternally secure ?

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Maiden Post: The things that I believe in

This is my very first post on the Everyday Christian Blog. Anyway, I thought starting a personal Christian blog with some statements about my beliefs and religious convictions (kind of) made sense. Every one has to regularly review and clarify for themselves what they believe in, because that’s what makes us who we are. Apostle [...]

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