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This post was written by Tee Akindele on August 13, 2010
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World News Bits: Evangelical Drug Cartel, Sex Trafficking, HIV/AIDS Stats…

Drug Cartel, La Familia, claims to be devout Evangelical Christians

La Familia is a mafia group, that lays claims to being followers of Jesus. Their notoriety as one of Mexico’s most violent gangs began in 2006, but according to time.com (http://bit.ly/4oM5D8, June 19, 2009), the effort to forge their own religious sect is more recent and is probably the most ludicrous news I have come across in a long time.

As described in the Christian Science Monitor(http://bit.ly/773Oy0)… They hand out Bibles to the poor in the rural foothills of the state of Michoacán. They forbid drug use, build schools and drainage systems, and declare themselves the protectors of women and children… What began as a self-declared vigilante group doing “the work of God,” now is seen as the nation’s most violent criminal group.

India: Sex Trafficking and HIV Statistics

I extracted the following statistics from an article in the August issue of Lausanne World Pulse, by Jasmine May, a Christian woman working with her husband in Asia to establish an aftercare home for girls rescued from sex trafficking.

  • There are between 2.5 million [Ministry for Women and Child Development, Government of India] and 15 million [Human Rights Watch] prostituted people in India.
  • 50% of women in Mumbai’s brothels are believed to be HIV positive [World Health Organization 2001].
  • 200 women and girls enter the sex trade in India every day, 160 of whom do so under coercion [United Nations Centre for Development and Population Activities].
  • In a recent study in Mumbai, 90% of adult women currently being prostituted said they had begun sex work prior to age 18. This suggests that most were either born into brothels or sold into sex slavery [Justice & Care, 2009].
  • With customers demanding younger girls, the average age of girls in the brothels continues to go down—currently it is at 14, with girls as young as eight being trafficked for sex.

More World HIV/AIDS Stats

  • People with HIV/AIDS, 2009: 38 million
  • People dying in AIDS-related cases, every minute: 4
  • Newly-infected with AIDS, every minute: 5
  • Children under 15, infected with AIDS: 2.3 million
  • Children under 15, newly-infected, daily: 1,000
  • Children who have lost one or both parents to AIDS: 15 million (mostly in sub-Saharan Africa)
  • A child loses a parent to AIDS: every 15 seconds
  • Children orphaned by AIDS globally, 2010: 25 million

Source: http://bit.ly/8iTzV5

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