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This post was written by Tee Akindele on August 17, 2010
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World News Bits: Internet Churches

The concept of Internet churches may be new or unheard of by many believers, I came across it for the first time in a poll by christianet.com. The online opinion poll in which about 600 Christians participated, asked: Are Internet Churches Biblical? The following is an excerpt from the report.

37% responded in the affirmative that Internet churches are Biblical. The majority of supporters in this group felt they were to complete the Great Commission by any means… and that… if two or more are together in His name, then Jesus is there. 32% were “unsure” about this new way to worship. Those that had heard about it felt, as long as sound doctrine was being preached, Internet churches were Biblical. Many expressed that these new “churches” were not to be a substitute for the physical church unless the worshiper is unable to attend a physical church. Others believed that true fellowship requires physical contact. As one believer stated, “We need to be in fellowship with other believers. These relationships are established at our local churches.”

The remaining 31% answered a firm “No.” They believed the assembling of Christians was to be taken literally and if personal physical contact is removed how can believers develop the proper relationships needed to fulfill the Great Commission. “John 1:14 says ‘the Word became flesh’, and Hebrews says not to forsake assembling together. Physical contact is important,” was one poller’s response. Others wondered how believers could take communion, be baptized or pray and support one another if strictly through the Internet. “You cannot build a proper relationship with someone you don’t know and there is also no accountability,” another commented.

I have come across some online churches, take for instance, Internet Christian Church by Pastor Rick Domaschk, which warmly welcomes new members with the following : Whether you belong to a church or not, we would like to invite you to JOIN OUR WORLD-WIDE ONLINE CONGREGATION and register as a new member today. Many of the tools you need to enhance your spirtual growth in Christ Jesus are available to you right from the church website. The site features links for a web-page translator, video sermons, musical videos and a TV channel for kids.

Another website I visited which is clearly pro Internet Churches is internet-churches.com, This one welcomed visitors with the following message: Internet Church is slightly different than the modern day brick and mortar churches. In these churches, only the Pastor and the Preacher/Teacher can go up to the microphone, which is safely set up on stage… With the advent of the Internet church, now every pew-sitting born-again can access the world via the Internet right in their home. Discovering that there is quite a difference of opinion of the meaning of scriptures among these pew-sitting born-again Christians who have their computers hooked up to the Internet. We can post things about the Bible from our homes, ask questions, give opinions and interact with other Christians all over the world 24/7/365 and not just on Sundays and Wednesdays… Overall, we believe that the LORD God of Israel is DELIGHTED with the Internet Church and with the electronic Bibles. Click here and give it a try.

The site apparently had some serious campaigning on this new concept. Catchy phrases and article subjects like: Preach Jesus! Not Church; Dismantling The Religious Machine; Escape From Churchianity; Lost in Church? etc. were prominent in the website.


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